Custom chocolate

Dreams come true is only limited by imagination

All it takes is a desire and a meeting...

… so that a creation is born. It can be a childhood scent, an unusual desire, an opportunity. A desire of one's own. Simultaneously artistic director, craftsman and designer of taste, our chocolatier, with the support of his sales representative, is there to listen, discuss, then transcribe your desire. Little by little, the desire takes shape, takes shape, it becomes sketches, tests. Our collaborator selects exceptional materials, refines the design, develops the sample. Then comes the time of manufacture. This is how each bespoke chocolate from PEROMET is born.

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The workshop of desires

To push open the door of the PEROMET manufacturing workshop is to enter the sphere of possibilities. A universe in effervescence where our virtuoso craftsman and experienced specialist works, helped by the best tools. Driven by limitless inventiveness, he brings together his talents and implements his unique know-how, to sublimate the desires of customers.

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