Our expertise

When art, chocolate and innovation intertwine

exemplary support

Beyond the creative dimension, our strength lies in the provision of genuine support expertise for our clients. The PEROMET house wants to be a vector of emotions but also of tailor-made solutions to allow them to differentiate themselves while enhancing their brand image and thus contributing, at our level, to their success.


The final quality of our creations depends on our chocolatier. The meticulousness brought to the work of details and finishes is the purest reflection of his passion for his profession. Within PEROMET, our customers are our greatest source of inspiration and motivation.


It is the key element of all our creations.

Meticulously selected from our sourcers and importers, its different textures, shades of colors and infinite aromatic palettes never cease to fascinate us and perpetually stimulate our inventiveness.


3D design, Thermoforming, prototyping, cutting, the use of digital in addition to manufacturing is a real asset as the precision is formidable. Machine and man work hand in hand allowing us to respond to increasingly specific and personalized requests and thus create unique chocolates.