Our values

A vision that is in line with respect for people and nature

Passion and Excellence

Dreaming up a unique visual, exploring endless aromatic palettes, selecting the best raw materials, each step is a step leading to our vision of perfection. Giving free rein to the inventiveness of the PEROMET chocolate maker is the key to transmitting emotions through unique creations to provide our customers with a unique and impeccable tasting experience, based on happiness and discovery.

innovation at the service of know-how

With our modern vision of the profession, we are rethinking the chocolate industry by focusing on innovation in candies and chocolate bars.

Besides the visual dimension brought by the artistic sensibility and the unique know-how of our chocolatier, our playground is the filling. The particular attention given to the nutritional dimension allows us to obtain more frank tastes.

it is the complementarity of these two dimensions that makes the creations of the PEROMET house truly unique works.

Responsible development

Respect for nature, the source of the house's exceptional materials, is a strong and constant value. The company pursues a strict environmental policy aimed at limiting the impact of its activity in all areas. To reduce its biodiversity footprint, PEROMET is concentrating its actions on the use of eco-designed, lighter and recyclable packaging, on the use of coloring foodstuffs from fruits and vegetables for the coloring of its creations and on sourcing and importing exceptional raw materials such as cocoa, vanilla and dried fruit from the best productions ensuring traceability, commitment to biodiversity and fair remuneration for producers aiming for harmony with nature that is appreciated, preserved and restored.