Our creations

unique and exclusive, they forge our singularity.

  • A lemon pie in one bite

    A confit and a ganache flavored with Corsican lemon, a thin layer of Breton shortbread for a delicious return to childhood.

  • Piñacolada in one bite

    Candied pineapple, creamy coconut and rum ganache, feel the beginnings of mild summer evenings.

  • Champagne mojito

    Brut champagne jelly and fresh mint and lime ganache intermingle for a most surprising refreshment.

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  • A festive air

    Grand cru dark chocolate, lightly spiced foie gras confit and milk chocolate ganache for a festive end of the year.

  • Caribbean trip

    Grand cru dark chocolate smoked with cigar leaf, ganache and aged rum caviar, the promise of a gustatory journey to the heart of the Caribbean.

  • bewitching kiss

    Jelly and ganache infused with hibiscus flowers and ginger, subtly intermingling fruity and peppery notes for a fresh indulgence.

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  • The Chanzy Barracks

    Custom packaging 3 matte dark chocolates and gold hot transfer

    Personalized chocolates 3 visuals

    Personalized perfumes
  • Domaine Julien Chopin

    Grand cru dark chocolate creation, caramel with ratafia champenois great years Pinot noir.

    Sublimate the work of our winegrower client and a flagship product of the house.

    Personalized visual.
  • The Millennium

    Grand cru dark chocolate creation, intense ganache with Maragogype coffee from Nicaragua.

    Enhance the end of our client's meal by bringing a delicious cocoa note to sweets.

    Personalized form and visual.
  • Optician Moon

    Grand cru dark chocolate creation, crispy hazelnut praline and puffed rice.

    Propose an original creation during client meetings and enhance the brand image.

    Unique and exclusive
    personalized "Eye" visual.